Seven ways email marketing can expand a small business


In general, small businesses don’t have huge budgets to invest in marketing campaigns so they need to be smarter about where they invest their advertising dollars. Of all the marketing strategies available today, email marketing remains king. It is the most targeted, cost-effective, and trackable marketing channel. Email marketing has the highest customer acquisition rates and email marketing also enhances the following business values, which are inextricable to growth:

Credibility is important for small businesses. Email marketing offers a business the opportunity to establish credibility among their clients since it is a conduit for sharing informative and useful content.

Strengthened relationships keep a small business alive and running. As email marketing establishes credibility, building relationships follows. eTargetMedia and its experts believe that having a strong brand is necessary to any business. Email marketing can enhance brand recognition toward the acquisition of new clients and the loyalty of current customers.

Email marketing usually represents a significant sales boost, as communication with customers easily turns clicks into purchases. Continuous outreach and heightened awareness keep a business in the minds of their clients. With relevant content in every email delivery, customers will be reminded that the business can meet their needs and wants.

Email marketing can reach people across all devices. According to eTargetMedia, almost two-thirds of all emails are read from a mobile device. This makes email marketing one of the greatest instruments of a business in expanding the company and boosting sales. Mobile technology is incredibly popular, and email marketing provides small businesses the opportunity to use it to their advantage.

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Restaurant marketing: Gain loyal customers with these ideas


Customers love finding a restaurant they can keep coming back to. Whether it’s for celebrating special events, meeting friends, or other occasions, having a nice place to dine is always worth it. In this influencer-driven world, restaurants must always be on the people’s radar. One of the ways to spread the word is through email marketing. eTargetMedia offers full-service creative solutions that will drive results, build the brand, increase sales and maximize ROI. Below are some ideas to boost marketing campaigns:

Focus on the food

While the restaurant’s ambiance and interiors can play a huge role in drawing more customers especially in the age of social media, owners should never forget that it’s still about serving delicious food. When it comes to emails and other promotional materials, capture the attention of readers by posting mouthwatering photos of food. A brief description of new items and other specials on the menu might help seal the deal.

Give special offers and updates

Sending out an email is a fast and effective way to reach people. eTargetMedia can help restaurants craft a campaign that will surely catch attention. Giving out mailing list exclusive offers will not only bring more people to the restaurant but will also make them look forward to the emails. Letting them in on what’s happening in the restaurant through short updates is an effective way to familiarize them with the business.

Lead them to other online accounts

Aside from email, social media platforms are also great for connecting with people. Through these channels, businesses will be able to communicate with their patrons. Going online will boost brand awareness and will show others’ dining experience as well.

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How can brands show their authenticity in a competitive industry?


Consumers are aware of being the target of marketers, especially in this day and age. In addition to promoting products and services, marketers should encourage people to support a brand and the movement behind it.

To stand out, companies must show sincerity in their personal engagements. Following this insight, eTargetMedia predicts that email marketing will deliver more authentic brand experiences in 2019. Here are some ways brands can do this and reflect what they’re really about:

Communicate culture

In a competitive industry, companies could be compelled to follow trends. Consumers, especially the younger ones, are actually looking for businesses that embody sincerity and authenticity. To do this, being open about processes, practices, vision, advocacies, and goals is a great way to introduce the brand. All these values contribute to the culture, drawing the attention of potential customers. These people will become loyal supporters, aside from mere buyers, with a strong affinity for the company.

Personalize content

Understanding the needs of the target market is crucial in giving them products or services of the highest quality. But when it comes to introducing the brand, personalizing content will have a bigger impact in the consciousness of the recipients. Content tailored to their preferences, and which calls them by their names, sends the message that the business is delivering what they want.

With eTargetMedia, advanced strategies in email personalization will allow marketers to put targeted content in front of the right consumers at the right time.

Use multi-platform engagements to thoroughly represent what the company is about. The same brand culture and brand experience should be represented on all platforms, whether it is email marketing, postal mail, or any other channel.

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How to understand consumers’ spending behavior


In order to build positive relationships with your customers, you need to have a good understanding of their needs, wants, and spending patterns. This way, you can customize your service according to what works for them. Email marketing experts from eTargetMedia share pointers on understanding your target market’s spending behavior and using this information to your advantage.

Profile your customers.

Customers are segmented by gender, age, location, behavior, and other demographic characteristics. These segments are the bases of the needs and wants in turn defining their spending patterns and preferences.

Conduct market research.

The experts from eTargetMedia strongly recommend collecting data through surveys for an immediate knowledge of trends. Aside from surveys, focus group discussions also allow further exploration of the specific characteristics of your consumers. These instruments aid in understanding their motivations for buying, hence strengthening and lending more precision to your marketing activities.

Use existing customer information.

You might already have information from your current customers, and you can use this to identify insights (increased sales in a particular item or time of the day, for instance). You can gather this information through analytics or as you gather feedback data or trends.

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eTargetMedia Announces Predictions for Email Marketing Success in 2019


eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions announced their 2019 annual predictions for email marketing success in the new year.  As we head in to the new year, most marketing budgets have refilled giving brand marketers a chance to refresh and re-strategize their email marketing campaigns.

eTargetMedia announces their annual predictions for email marketing success to inform marketers of the trends and developments that will take over the email marketing industry over the next 12 months as well as providing a review of upcoming email marketing trends. Among this year’s trends are  advancements in email marketing personalization, increased interactive content, the growth of mobile email sales and the increase of authentic email marketing brand experiences.

  • Email Personalization– Email personalization advancements will allow marketers to put targeted content in front of the right consumers at the right time. Consumers are expecting quality content now more than ever and personalization is the key to delivering engaging email content to consumers.
  • Mobile Email Sales – Over the last couple of years, data proved that consumers were cautious about purchasing items through mobile devices because of security concerns. That trend is changing with current data proving that consumers have embraced mobile e-commerce and are now placing orders (including bigger ticket items) on their smart phones and tablets. In 2019, it will be more common for consumers to purchase products on mobile devices so email marketers will need to adopt their email strategy and develop emails with detailed product content and mobile responsive transactional elements.
  • Increased Interactive Content– Interactive content is predicted to advance in 2019 giving subscribers an opportunity to engage and interact with emails more. Interactive content may include transactional emails with features like add to cart buttons, book hotels, take a poll, play a game, follow social media sites, watch videos and more. The interactive elements can help boost sales and build brand loyalty.
  • Authentic Email Marketing Brand Experiences– Email marketing will deliver more authentic brand experiences in 2019. Trust in social media is fading due to recent scandals including sketchy data and privacy practices. Consumers are also aware of how much social media influencers are getting paid as well as understanding how easy it is to post fake news on social media sites. This mistrust in social media will give email marketers the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers in a more authentic way and allow consumers to connect directly with the brand.

“In the new year, we are going to see more personalized content delivered through email marketing, including more interactive content as well as more authentic brand experiences,” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “Email marketing messages can deliberately be designed to react to customer behavior and deliver content that piques subscriber’s interests more.This innovation in technology will enable marketers to execute email marketing campaigns that perform better and more efficiently.”

eTargetMedia, based in South Florida, provides Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions to a wide variety of direct marketing customers. eTargetMedia is a member of the Data and Marketing Association. Visit eTargetMedia online at

Email marketing design trends that will boost returns



Email marketing is an effective way to increase your website’s traffic and sales, and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends. This will not only strengthen your readers’ engagement, but it will definitely increase your returns. Here are some design tips that will beef up your next email blast.

Interactive elements These are emails that contain interactive features, such as accordion drop-down menus, image carousels, and message bots. By putting this design element in your next email, you will create a huge opportunity to grab your readers’ attention.

High quality images Gone are the days of low-resolution images. Stay rele-vant by incorporating high-resolution images in your email blasts. Be sure to em-bed the images so that they don’t take a long time to load. This is particularly helpful if you are promoting a clothing brand or products that look good up-close.

Bold typography When you’re creating a campaign with minimal copy, playing around with suitable typography will add a touch of sass to your emails. Use easy-to-understand fonts or advise your graphic designer to create something that really engages your target demographic.

eTargetMedia provides clients with full creative solutions that will drive results, build their brand, increase sales, and maximize ROI. eTargetMedia’s full-service creative solutions in-clude design of branded HTML email messages, HTML email programming, respon-sive email design and programming, landing page design and development, and website design. For more articles like this, visit this page.


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