Harris Kreichman Awarded 2021 Certified ANA Marketing Professional

Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia, was awarded the 2021 Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional certification. This is the third year in a row that Harris and the eTargetMedia team have been awarded the Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional certification. Only top advertising and marketing professionals qualify to earn the certification and Harris was among the elite marketers who completed the rigorous program.

Harris was awarded the 2021 Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional certification after completing the ANA’s demanding re-certification program that requires certification members to complete a variety of on-demand CEU training courses.

Harris completed the following CEU credits to earn the 2021 Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional certification:

  • Cross Device Tracking Approaches
  • Advanced Attribution Certification Program
  • Implementing Measurement and Attribution in Your Organization
  • Measurement Techniques
  • The Who and What of Measurement and Attribution

Harris is an email and digital marketing professional with over 25 years of industry experience. He is dedicated to advancing his knowledge of email and digital marketing strategies and teaches his clients how to implement successful email and digital marketing campaigns.

By working with Harris Kreichman and eTargetMedia, brands are assured that they are working with a leader in the industry who is committed to offering their clients the highest quality email and digital marketing solutions.  

Learn more at https://www.etargetmedia.com

eTargetMedia Announces New Travel, Grocery and Home Delivery Email Marketing Lists to Take Advantage of Current Consumer Shopping Trends

eTargetMedia launched 5 new email marketing lists to help marketers reach consumers who are currently shopping online for a variety of travel destinations, grocery related products and home delivery services that have become more popular in recent times. The new travel lists helps marketers target responsive families and individuals who are eager to travel again whether its booking an international getaway, visiting family they haven’t seen over the year or driving to local destinations for a safe, close to home trip. The new grocery and home delivery lists help marketers reach consumers who are adjusting to a digital lifestyle and now prefer to have their groceries, home essential items and other products delivered directly to their doorsteps.

The past year affected all aspects of life including work, travel, and the way consumers shop for products online. Many consumers were forced to go digital to purchase products online and this is a trend that will continue even as we get back to normal. Families and individuals are eager to travel again and are currently shopping for their next vacations. From ‘revenge trips’ to international destinations to local drive market destinations, travel marketers can take advantage of this increased interest in travel and use email marketing to reach their customers right now when they are shopping for travel. The new grocery and home delivery lists can help marketers target consumers who are shifting their purchasing habits online.

The new email marketing lists include:

  • Eager-to-Travel Families and Individuals
    The Eager-to-Travel Families and Individuals file includes both families and individuals who are actively booking travel right now, whether for near future trips or looking ahead to holiday travel and beyond. After taking a break from travel over the last year, they are ready to explore the world, visit family and friends they haven’t seen all year, or finally take that trip that was postponed. They are locking in the good deals that are being promoted now for current and future travel. These travel enthusiasts are extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity of traveling again after a long wait of postponing their travel plans. They are very ready to book now and are looking at a variety of domestic and international trips as well as flying to top destinations including island and beach getaways, national parks, city tours and more.
  • Summer Local Travel Families
    The Summer Local Travel Families file includes families who are currently planning their summer vacations to a variety of local destinations. These families are easing back into travel after a year of postponing their travel plans and are primarily looking at drive market destinations as safety is still a top concern to them. They are excited about their summer vacations but want to ensure that their families are safe during their travels. From local drive market destinations to amusement parks, national parks and the beaches, these travelers choose to stay close to home. They are looking for the ideal vacation that lets them have the freedom of getting away and enjoying their summer vacations with their families while still feeling secure that the hotels and attractions are keeping their guests safe.
  • Specialty Grocery Buyers
    The Specialty Grocery Buyers file includes a variety of savvy grocery shoppers who purchase specialty foods from both their local grocery stores and specialty online grocery shops. Tailor your grocery shopper audience by the types of specialty foods they most often purchase, including organic, health and wellness, locally-sourced, allergy conscious, gluten-free, vegan, ethnic, gourmet, seasonal and weight loss foods and supplements. The majority of these grocery shoppers consider themselves to be foodies and are willing to splurge on specialty grocery items that are fresher and healthier options, meet their specialty grocery needs, are locally homegrown, and often harder to find. The specialty grocery buyers seek out the finest natural and organic foods available. They often customize their menus based on the products the grocery stores are advertising for the week and enjoy trying new specialty items that they haven’t purchased before. In addition to specialty groceries, they purchase ready-made food, specialty health and beauty items, cleaning supplies and household items, specialty pet food, specialty baby food, beer and wine and more.
  • Home Grocery Delivery Enthusiasts
    The Home Grocery Delivery Enthusiasts file includes grocery shoppers who enjoy the convenience of ordering their groceries online and having them delivered directly to their homes. Many of these grocery shoppers started home grocery delivery to avoid crowds in the grocery store or started home grocery delivery as an alternative grocery shopping option during the country’s shutdowns. They continue to be sold on the ease, convenience and safety of ordering groceries online with same day and contactless delivery. With today’s busy lifestyles, getting to the grocery store can be challenging and with safety as a top priority of many consumers, home grocery delivery offers the perfect opportunity for these savvy online shoppers to order fresh groceries as well as other household essentials and have them delivered directly to their doors.
  • American Home Delivery Shoppers
    The American Home Delivery Shoppers file is comprised of consumers who enjoy shopping online and have products delivered to their homes on a regular basis, including food delivery, grocery delivery, pet food delivery, subscription box delivery, health and beauty products, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, clothing, home furnishings and décor, technology, electronics and more. The majority of these shoppers are busy moms and working adults who enjoy the ease and convenience of home delivery, which saves them time from going to the store and allows them to order products from all over the country and around the world. Having products delivered directly to their homes gives these smart shoppers the time to spend on what really matters in their lives as well as the excitement of receiving new products delivered to them. In addition, it allows them to shop online to find the best prices and have the products delivered directly to their doorsteps. They order home delivery from department stores, specialty stores, warehouse clubs, e-commerce stores, as well as local businesses.

eTargetMedia Ranked #1 For Data Card Quality

eTargetMedia, a leading email marketing company, has been Ranked #1 again for Top List Managers For Data Card Quality by NextMark. eTargetMedia has consistently Ranked #1 for the 100-249 lists category and has enjoyed this prestigious recognition for over 10 years. NextMark ranks the top list managers by the quality of their data card portfolios. The data card quality score is calculated by analyzing over 74,000 data cards and rating the datacard quality on 13 key attributes, including how often the datacards are updated, base list price, list description, list source, list segmentation, list selects, geography selects, list categorization, contact information and more.

eTargetMedia oers over 200+ data lists with over 200 million email records to reach a wide variety of audiences with precision targeting. Our comprehensive lists oer an unrivaled range of selectivity to help you zero in on the right prospects with precision. Our email marketing experts have an unmatched commitment to client success and we oer the very best email marketing, display advertising, postal marketing, email append and creative solutions to clients. As a DMA Member and Certified ANA Marketing Professional company, we adhere to the best practices and industry guidelines. Our meticulous list hygiene keeps our database among the most responsive on the market. View all of our targeted lists online at: http://lists.etargetmedia.com.

Contact us today to see how we can help you:

Phone: 1.888.805.3282
Email: info@eTargetMedia.com
Web: http://www.eTargetMedia.com

The qualities of top-notch email marketing companies

In our increasingly connected society, email is one of the most powerful instruments of communication today.   The experts at eTargetMedia know this very well, as they have been specializing in email marketing for 0ver 20 years.  Today, they share their idea of what a top-notch email marketing company is about. 

1. Creativity

Email marketing needs to stand out to get the reader’s attention.  The best email marketing companies never run out of creative ideas to do this.  Responsive design, photos, engaging content and other aspects of the email design should come together in the right proportions, and only creative minds know the proper balance for this.

2. Experience and Support

Email marketing companies today need to have the experience and skill that a highly responsive and accessible team of email marketers can provide, from planning and execution to ongoing support and maintenance. 

3. Track Record

It makes sense that a top-notch email marketing company serves top-notch clients too.  The biggest companies out there are successful because of their superb corporate ethics and practices, outstanding business culture, and overall performance, which really is a result of them holding themselves to a high standard.  Email marketing companies who have a track record of serving such clients are the best at what they do.

eTargetMedia helps consumers reach highly responsive prospects through the company’s exceptionally accurate and superior data that include transactional data, lifestyle data, and purchasing behaviors of over 150 million customers.  To learn more about the company, visit this page


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eTargetMedia Launches Display Ads Retargeting Solution to Complement Precision Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions has launched their new display ads retargeting solution which will help marketers maximize results on eTargetMedia’s precision targeted email marketing campaigns. eTargetMedia offers one of the most comprehensive email marketing solutions in the industry with top notch list hygiene methods that ensure the highest quality data available. The new display ads retargeting solution will allow marketers to distribute precision targeted email marketing messages to their clients and follow up the email campaign with cross-channel retargeting display ads.

eTargetMedia’s cross-channel marketing platform makes it easy for marketers to deliver personalized promotional messages to clients through both targeted email marketing campaigns and display ads on popular websites. Delivering marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time is critical to the sales process and eTargetMedia’s campaigns allow marketers to distribute their marketing messages to email inboxes and across the web. eTargetMedia helps leading brand marketers identify their audiences, precision target them with the right marketing messages and then track campaign performance with audience insights and optimization strategies.

Email marketing is the most effective channel for reaching customers online and by incorporating retargeted display ads, marketers can now extend their reach even further and continue to communicate their marketing messages to clients across multiple marketing channels. Email marketing continues to outperform all other digital marketing channels and is the preferred marketing medium among both marketers and consumers. Email delivers an average of $44 ROI for every $1 spent and consistently achieves the highest ROI, according to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA). Email marketing also delivers up to 40 times the customer acquisition rate than social media.

“We are excited to bring our proven and comprehensive display ads retargeting solution to our clients,” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “Our results-driven, precision-targeted email marketing campaigns combined with our new retargeting display ad solution delivers a robust, cross-channel digital marketing platform that will help marketers build more profitable relationships with clients. Our large agency digital marketing services combined with our high end boutique personalized attention to each and every client has helped us build long-term relationships with the leading brands across the country.”

eTargetMedia, based in South Florida, provides Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions to a wide variety of direct marketing customers. eTargetMedia works with some of the world’s most popular and successful brands to develop targeted email marketing campaigns that drive traffic, sales, revenue and ROI. eTargetMedia is a member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Visit the eTargetMedia website to learn more.

eTargetMedia Announces New Precision Targeting Email List Rental Services to Increase Email Marketing ROI in 2021

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions has announced new precision targeting email list rental services that now include more selectability, targetability and precision in geo-targeting to ensure proper placement of the marketing offer in front of the most responsive audience. As email marketing quickly evolves, eTargetMedia is always expanding and improving the company’s email marketing solutions to help brand marketers effectively utilize email marketing in their marketing campaigns and increase their email ROI. 

eTargetMedia’s proprietary email marketing database has grown larger than ever this year and now includes more consumer and B2B selects than ever before. eTargetMedia offers one of the most comprehensive email list rental solutions in the industry and the company’s top notch list hygiene methods ensure the highest quality data available. All of the email addresses in the database are 100% opt-in and are sourced through online registrations, survey responses and lifestyle questionnaires. eTargetMedia’s email marketing campaigns include no select fees, which means the company can target email campaigns with precision in market segmentation without the client accruing additional costs.

eTargetMedia is a leading provider of targeted online and offline direct marketing services and has been ranked #1 in data card quality by Nextmark for consecutive years. The company has helped brands across all industries improve their email marketing initiatives and increase their customer acquisition rates through targeted email marketing. Email marketing outperforms all other digital marketing channels and consistently achieves the highest ROI. According to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), email delivers an average of $44 ROI for every $1 Spent. Email marketing also delivers up to 40 times the customer acquisition rate than social media. With more consumers spending time online than ever before, email marketing is quickly becoming the most important and effective channel for reaching customers online and it will continue to be the top performing digital marketing channel in 2021 and beyond. 

“Our client base includes industry leading brands and Fortune 500 companies who entrust us to plan and execute email marketing campaigns that deliver results. eTargetMedia is a long term trusted member of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) so brand marketers can be confident that we adhere to all of the DMA’s email marketing best practices and we follow all of the DMA’s email marketing privacy guidelines,” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “I am also a Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional which helps me and the eTargetMedia team continually increase our email and brand marketing knowledge and also teaches our company about new trends in digital and direct marketing strategies.”

eTargetMedia, based in South Florida, provides Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions to a wide variety of direct marketing customers. eTargetMedia works with some of the world’s most popular and successful brands to develop targeted email marketing campaigns that drive traffic, sales, revenue and ROI. eTargetMedia is a member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)Visit the eTargetMedia website to learn more.

eTargetMedia Announces New Lists for Changing World

The current times have modified the way consumers work, play, learn, shop and exercise. Many consumers are staying home and spending more time online whether it is for entertainment, getting work completed, learning new skills or working out from home.

eTargetMedia released 3 new email marketing datacards recently to reach consumers in a changing world. The 3 new email marketing lists can help marketers target a group of savvy and responsive consumers who are using the web in new ways and are adjusting to a digital lifestyle in a changing world.

The new email marketing lists include:

Digital Entertainment Enthusiasts

The Digital Entertainment Enthusiasts file is composed of families and individuals who enjoy a variety of digital entertainment activities and have significantly increased the time they spend on digital entertainment. From binge-watching their favorite shows to learning new skills, these savvy consumers are spending an increasing amount of time enjoying their hobbies online. They are trying new recipes through online cooking demonstrations, traveling the world through virtual experiences, connecting with family and friends through a variety of video services, hosting virtual happy hours, gaming and so much more… all from the comfort of their homes.

• Online Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts

The Online Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts file is comprised of fitness and health enthusiasts who are achieving their wellness goals through digital platforms. These health-conscious consumers subscribe to a variety of digital fitness memberships including live streaming classes from their favorite local gyms as well as subscribing to online national fitness programs. From yoga classes to cycling, cross-training, HIIT, Pilates and other related workouts, fitness enthusiasts now have a huge variety of fitness opportunities online. They enjoy the convenience, flexibility and safety of home-based exercise programs.

• Online Education Enthusiasts

Online education has transformed the learning experience for students, giving people an opportunity to learn about anything in the world without leaving their homes. The Online Education Enthusiasts file includes individuals who are using their digital devices to learn new subjects, develop new skills, pursue a degree, pivot into a new career, or develop new hobbies. From free and paid online courses to learning a new language, enrolling in seminars and workshops, developing interest-based skills, or pursuing a new degree, online education has changed the way these enthusiastic learners study, learn and engage with new information.

The current times are pushing consumers to work, learn and play digitally. Marketers should take advantage of this shift in digital behavior and use email marketing to reach their customers online. eTargetMedia’s new email lists were developed to target consumers who are now using their digital devices for entertainment, fitness and educational experiences. Our email marketing lists offer the perfect opportunity for marketers to reach customers digitally in our new world.

Learn more at http://www.etargetmedia.com

B2B Email Marketing Tips to Help Boost Sales

18839486 - businessman writing e-mail schema on whiteboard
While social media gets all of the buzz, email marketing is still the most important element of any digital marketing strategy. Email marketing produces the most sales conversions and the highest ROI of all marketing channels. Email also has the highest customer acquisition and retention rates. Strategic use of email marketing can help increase B2B sales and make a major difference in your bottom line. One way to ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful is to stay tuned in to the email trends and follow the trends that consistently produce positive results. Personalization, customer segmentation and ensuring your emails are mobile-friendly are the key considerations that should be involved in your email strategy. If you are looking to increase your B2B email marketing performance, then these key factors should be considered.

Why You Should Use Email Marketing in Your B2B Campaigns

Email is an integral way to communicate for most of the businesses in the world. From building customer relationships to gathering customer data, email is an essential part of any business. Based on this fact alone, marketing to your customers through email makes perfect sense. Email click through rates in B2B campaigns are 47% higher than in B2C campaigns, and about 59% of B2B professionals say that email marketing is their most successful revenue-generating channel. 

Benefits of B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing has many benefits but the most important benefits are:

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention: Email marketing is an excellent tool to attract new prospects and keep your current customers loyal to your brand.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel and the lowest cost to implement.
  • Measurable: Email marketing provides a variety of tracking options including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.
How to Use Email to Boost Your B2B Sales


  • Segmentation is Key – Divide your email list into smaller targeted customer segments so you can personalize your email based on customer interests. List segmentation increases email open rates by almost 40% and improves revenue by over 700%.
  • Personalize Your Emails – Personalized emails can deliver 6x higher conversion rates and personalizing content can increase open rates to over 18%.
  • Be Consistent With Your Email Schedule – Send out emails daily or weekly to your loyal list of email subscribers. This can help result in a higher number of sales from your B2B contacts.
  • Make Content Engaging – Your emails should be short and concise so that your email recipients are engaged with the message and act on it. Emails with a concise and shorter message receive the highest click through rates.
  • Use Interactive Elements – Interactive email content can increase the click to open rate by over 70%.
  • Make Your Emails Mobile Responsive – Almost 70% of email marketing campaigns are opened on a mobile device. Make sure your email creative is mobile friendly to help keep customers engaged and drive sales.
  • Send Automated Emails for Abandoned Cart Transactions – When buyers leave your website without completing their purchase, send an abandoned cart email offering a special discount or free shipping to motivate them to complete the sale. This can help boost the email open rate to over 45%.

These tested and proven email marketing tips have helped our clients increase their B2B email marketing sales. Contact us today to learn more about successful B2B email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Businessman  sending e-mails from your computer concept

With new annual marketing budgets starting, many email marketers are wondering how they can improve their email marketing campaigns. eTargetMedia announced their 2020 email marketing predictions that the company forecasts will drive email marketing trends in the new year.

Even with the popularity of social media, email still provides a unique set of benefits that other media channels struggle to match. There are many developments in email marketing that will help it remain the leader in digital marketing and eTargetMedia forecasts that email will propel to the top of every smart marketer’s campaign initiatives.

Here are eTargetMedia’s email predictions for 2020 and beyond:

Mobile Email Will Be More Important than Ever

Mobile browsing and mobile email have now surpassed desktop browsing in terms of tra c and email open rates. Across all digital marketing channels, marketers are realizing that websites and emails may need to be prioritized for mobile as we move into 2020 and not just optimized for mobile. Email marketers will need to make improvements to optimize for mobile emails including making copy easier to read on mobile devices, optimizing images for mobile and making the overall design and layout more friendly for mobile rendering.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence may sound overwhelming when it comes to email marketing but in most cases AI in email marketing relates to the automation of email messages. Email marketing automation focuses on providing relevant content to a specific individual at the most relevant time. Artificial intelligence in email marketing provides many benefits.

– AI can help marketers improve personalization of content in future emails.

– AI can provide a better understanding of customer behaviors and interests and therefore automatically create smarter segmentation groups.

– AI can automate the email marketing workflow by triggering email messages and tailoring messages for the best email conversions.

– AI can also be used to optimize email campaigns on the fly.

Interactive Emails will Become More Popular

In 2020, emails are expected to become more interactive. Interactive elements like email carousels, embedded video, drop down menus and other interactive features will be added to email messages making them more interactive in the inbox. In the new year, eTargetMedia predicts that email subscribers will be interacting more with emails before they reach the landing page.

Email marketing in 2020 should be all about creating a customer-centric experience. Brands need to realize that they can keep emails fresh and personalized by leveraging new email technologies, artificial intelligence, new design models and mobile optimized designs. The content of email in 2020 needs to be engaging, interactive, and personalized, all while respecting the user’s privacy and data.

Learn more at http://www.etargetmedia.com.

Effective email marketing for 2020’s holiday weekends


With 8 out of every 10 businesses in the U.S. raking in the benefits of email marketing, it’s easy to see why this would be the marketing platform of choice today. In fact, according to eTargetMedia, email marketing outperforms social media.

Because of email marketing’s insanely efficiency and effectiveness, business owners and marketers everywhere should be making the most out of it. eTargetMedia mentions that as early as now, marketing should look toward setting up their marketing campaigns for the holiday weekends of 2020.

Email marketers should look at the stats from their 2019 email marketing campaigns for long holidays. The analysis could provide strategies on which areas need improvement and what can be built upon or used again. It should also give a business a good idea of which products and services could be promoted more.

After this, email marketers should have the schedule of 2020’s long holidays ready so that they can plot out specific deadlines. Being more organized is a huge plus in email marketing.

On the subject of being organized, eTargetMedia highly recommends that email marketers know their target markets for each of the long holiday weekends and come up with drafts, from the subject lines to the content, to make the emails more personalized.

eTargetMedia boasts a team of marketing experts that aids clients select the best audience and reach out to them with engaging and personalized email messages. Its proprietary database is comprised of practically every U.S. household and business. To read more about the many benefits of email marketing, go to this page.



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